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Instructor: Mrs. Sandifer   

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An important reminder . . .

Students, please be on your best behavior at the PNGISD stadium.
Please click on the link to the right for a summary of the rules. The  PNGISD student code of conduct will be enforced at all school sponsored events.  Students need to know that, to ensure the safety of all our students,
any misbehavior will be reported to their principal for disciplinary action.   

Safety and Rules
Port Neches-Groves ISD Stadium

Click on the pencil to email me with questions or concerns.
Please remember that,if you need to ask your child's teacher a question or discuss a concern (no matter how brief), you will need to call during the teacher's designated conference time.  
All other time is committed to the preparation, teaching, or campus activities necessary to serve our campus.
Click on this sentence to go to our webmaster's page where you will find teacher conference times.

The November/December newsletter, The Parental Involvement CONNECTION, is available in English and Spanish:
Click on this text link.
 This edition of the newsletter includes articles about walking and walkable communities, holiday foods, and ways to show compassion.


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Please click on the links below to view the details for the Woodcrest Pride School Behavior program.

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Please note: My web page will be somewhat different this year.  I will display the various types of activities we intend to schedule throughout the year on our campus, but for details about when the activity will occur and what grade levels will participate, please click on the Woodcrest Calendar link in the sub-menus to the far left. For any additional information about the activity, or photos that might have been taken during the activity, please contact your child's teacher.

Watch for details to be posted.

2nd Grade Easter Field Trip to the Mall

Please see our slideshow of this event below.  Thank you to Mr. Tim Allen for providing the photos!


Thank you to everyone involved in making this year's Book Fair a huge success!
Please watch our slideshow above.

Mrs. Morgan's Class Enjoys a Snow Cone Break

Mrs. Worley's Class Celebrates

Kindergarten Rodeo Day

Today, kindergarteners learned all about our great state of Texas. Lessons, activities, and games focused on our Texas symbols, the mockingbird, flag, armadillo, longhorns, the Alamo, Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and Jose Antonio Navarro. Later today, the students will sit around a "campfire" and enjoy a bowl of Texas chili.  Everyone will have a great time while learning all about our wonderful and exciting state of Texas. 

Congratulations to this student for being the Rodeo Champ!

We hope you enjoy the photos above taken during our Kindergarten Rodeo!

Miss LaRue, our awesome librarian, tells us about an event we just held at Woodcrest called "Animal Night":  ​
KG students were invited to bring a stuffed animal from home on Thursday.  They all came to the library where we read two lullaby books.  The students then put their animals to sleep and tucked them in.  During the night, those toys had lots of fun in the library -- reading, working on computers, completing puzzles, even eating snacks!  On Friday, students came back to the library to pick up their stuffed animals.  We all enjoyed looking at pictures of the crazy things that happened during our Night at the Library.  Now that the toys love reading, the students can share stories with them over Spring Break.  

The National Education Association's  Read Across America is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children's author Dr. Seuss.  Each year at the beginning of March, school children kick off National Reading Month by celebrating the birthday of the beloved Dr. Seuss. Teachers will design contests, family literacy events, and even pajama & pillow days to provide cozy mornings of uninterrupted readingOur campus participated in this project and had a great time doing so!

The Book Fair is coming--March 27th through March 31.

It's coming--First Grade's Texas Rodeo Day, March 24th!


Mrs. Morgan's Class performs science experiments to learn about volcanoes.

February 28th, the staff of a favorite local dentist will visit our kindergarteners to teach them about how to practice good dental care.


Coming soon--a Texas Hoedown!

Student performance:  Tuesday, February 28th at 10 A.M.
Evening performance:  Tuesday, February 28 at 6 P.M. 
Place:  Woodcrest Elementary Gymnasium

Our PNGISD Area Council PTA's "Arts in Education Program was held on January 22nd to announce the annual "Reflections" winners from our district.  The theme this year was, "What is Your Story?"  We are very proud of everyone who turned in an entry, but we are especially proud of the winners shown above.

Valentine Day Photos will be taken on February 8th.

Our Woodcrest PTA will hold a "Paint for Love" canvas painting fundraiser project on February 9th.

Our campus will host Valentine parties on Feb 14th.

Thank you for our car Sentsys for Christmas!

Many thanks to the Rotary Club for donating dictionaries to every 3rd Grade student on our campus.  We greatly appreciate the commitment they have to helping us ensure our students have every opportunity to achieve academic excellence!  It the generosity of corporate sponsors such as the Rotary Club that helps  us to provide the best possible resources for our students!​

Woodcrest PTA Reflections Contest Winners

The students above will advance to the Area Council PTA to compete with other area schools in the categories of visual arts, photography, and literature.  We are so very proud of the these students!

3rd Grade Woodcrest Students Honor Veterans on Veteran's Day

If you could see inside the heart of this elderly veteran, you would see memories that for years most veterans would not share.  Not all wounds are on the outside.  Our nation often required sacrifices from our veterans and their families that we cannot begin to imagine. Today, we take out a moment to honor these heroes of our "greatest generation" and all other heroes--every person who has ever served and temporarily given up his or her rights in order to protect ours.  If you see a veteran today, tell them that we appreciate what they did for their country... and for us!  If you know a veteran who is no longer with us, stop for a moment and, in your heart, remember his or her service.  

Remember, freedom is never, ever free!

2nd Graders Present a "Patriotic Celebration" at Woodcrest

Many thanks to our students and everyone involved in the 2nd Grade Music program, including, but not limited to, Mrs. James, Mrs. Droddy, and Mrs. LaRue.  Special thanks to Ms. Patxot for helping also.  The music was awesome and the message was heartwarming.


Woodcrest Kindergarteners Attend a Stephen Fite Concert

From the Stephen Fite WebSite
"Stephen is an award-winning musician/writer whose albums have received eighteen nationally recognized honors.  Suitable for the classroom, car or living room, his upbeat brand of children’s music has been delighting students, teachers and parents around the nation for three decades.
Stephen’s shows have been described as an “interactive celebration of music and learning.” Geared for ages 3 to 8 years, Stephen combines a solid hour of music and movement with generous helpings of rhythm, repetition and rhyme to create a festive buffet of entertainment and fun. He has given over 1,150 concerts for over 900,000 children in twelve states since the mid 80’s. The music used in his shows is written and recorded by Stephen and is educational.

Remember what fun we had last year? It's coming... again!  Be ready with school spirit!



Nederland Nerds Invade Woodcrest Campus to Celebrate Mid-County Madness Week!

Dictionaries for 3rd Grade

On November 9th, the Rotary Club will be donating dictionaries to every 3rd Grade student on our campus.  We greatly appreciate the commitment they have to helping us ensure our students have every opportunity to achieve academic excellence!  Our students greatly appreciate these dictionaries!
It the generosity of corporate sponsors such as the Rotary Club that helps us provide the best possible resources for our students!

The students and teachers of Woodcrest Elementary realize that not everyone has the privilege of being able to freely vote, so we do not want to take the right to vote lightly.  At Woodcrest, we are proud to say that we are doing our part to train our students about the privilege and sacred trust that was guaranteed by the sacrifices of our service men and women.  This training takes a tremendous amount of work for everyone involved, but we feel it is worth it to take advantage of these “teachable moments.”  
Thank you to everyone involved in this project!

Help us raise funds for student activities and resources--buy a pie!

Port Neches Fire Fighters Visit with Woodcrest Kindergarteners

Our kindergarteners were allowed to ask questions about fighting fires.  Everyone really enjoyed their visit.
  We appreciate all our First Responders!

3rd Graders Learn about Matter from SubZero

We had fun at our Bookaneer Book Fair!

Ahoy, mate!  Our Bookaneer Book Fair is coming!

Thank you to our awesome PTA for the delicious treats delivered to our inboxes!

Woodcrest Remembers and Honors the Fallen

Our Woodcrest PTA donated the items below to our library.  This generous act will significantly impact our students and teachers.  We are incredibly grateful to have such a dedicated group of volunteers working on our behalf.


STEM sets (forces & motion, sink or float, magnets, simple machines)
Set of insects books
Set of health books
Fiction sets (Lotus Lane series, Kung Pow Chicken series)
2 Whatever After titles
New Magic Tree House book
6 Fractured Fairy Tale books
4 animal titles (non-fiction)
2 I Spy books
1 set of Dear Dragon books for 1st grade reading circles

We love our PTA!



Other important changes on our campus are that Mrs. Perello has moved to a Nederland campus and Mrs. Davis has been assigned to take Mrs. Mitchell's place as the Resource Teacher since Mrs.Mitchell retired.  Thank you, Mrs. Davis--we know you will do a great job!

We are so glad to have Ms. Shoemaker on our campus!

We want to thank Philpott for the delicious apples presented to our teachers to welcome them back for the new year!  

We also want to thank Chick-fil-A for the awesome lunch they provided our teachers.  

A special thank you to St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, Port Neches, for again providing our teachers and students with much-needed supplies.  Each year, this church helps our budget go so much farther by providing so many of the supplies we need to create the best possible learning environment on our campus.  We are extremely grateful for your kindness, compassion, and generosity!

Woodcrest Elementary is so grateful that our community is full of generous and gracious churches and businesses that take time and energy (and resources) out of their days to inspire and uplift our teachers!

Parents:  in order for the transition into the new school year to go as smoothly as possible for your child, we are asking that you wait 3 weeks after school begins before visiting our campus during our lunch times or breakfast.  We will be implementing new procedures, routines, and schedules that will require us to focus on those areas until everyone understands what will be expected of them.  The sooner everyone understands our routines, the sooner we can have an optimum environment for everyone.

Additionally, for visitors planning to visit our campus for lunch for the first time, please be aware that our cafeteria tables have attached benches, not chairs.

Through the years, we have observed time, and time again, that a student’s separation anxiety usually dramatically starts decreasing the moment the student understands that the parent has left the campus and that this will be the normal routine.  Unfortunately, the transition into being a happy and well-adjusted student on our campus cannot begin to evolve without this necessary step, so we are asking you to trust your precious child to our care and allow us to do what we have been trained to do to help him or her to have a good beginning each day.  We are firmly committed to helping each child feel safe and confident during this time, so you can be certain we have put that as a priority.  Thank you for helping us to help your child understand that school is a happy, fun place to be and that leaving mom and/or dad to come here is a normal part of his or her life.


Port Neches-Groves Independent School District is committed to excellence in education. The combined efforts of the staff, students, parents, and community will provide a learning environment that ensures opportunities for all students to pursue lifelong learning and responsible, productive citizenship.
  The mission of Woodcrest Elementary is to provide a quality educational program in an environment that is conducive to learning. We believe that all children can learn. To accomplish this, we offer a variety of school programs to encourage the development of each student to his or her highest potential.

We are blessed at Woodcrest Elementary to have such a dedicated, hard-working, enthusiastic PTA. Without their hard work on fundraisers throughout the year, we would not have all the extraordinary resources we have for our students. These resources greatly enhance our ability to provide our students with every opportunity to excel academically... and have fun learning while they do.

© 2001-2003 Hemera Technologies, Inc. and its licensors.  All rights reserved.
We could never thank our PTA enough for making us feel so appreciated and for making our students feel so special.  If you see a PTA volunteer, please let them know you appreciate all they do--they deserve it!

School Pictures will be taken on September 14, 2016.


IXL for 2016-2017

Update for the IXL information below:  To log in your child in IXL, go to www.ixl.com and enter your child's cafeteria number as their user name and "ndn" as the password.  If that log-in is not successful, add a "b" to the end of their cafeteria number (this extra letter was necessary for some students when their number was already being used as a user name in the IXL system).  If you are still unsuccessful logging in, please contact your child's teacher to report the issue.

Your collecting box tops can make a difference by funding wonderful resources for our students!  We receive 10 cents for every box top. With your help, we can collect hundreds of dollars for our school by simply turning in box tops from products you probably already have at your home or will be buying anyway.  Please do not throw those valuable box tops in your trash when we can use them!

The top student collector for each six week period will receive a prize and a certificate will be presented to them during the Woodcrest morning announcements (via our TV system). At the end of the school year, the top class collector will receive a Cookie Company party. We will collect box tops the entire year, with prize deadlines being on report card Fridays for each 6-week-period.

Before you turn in your box tops, please check the expiration date, and help us by clipping the box top on its dotted lines. Place the box tops in a baggie. Then, on the baggie, write your child’s full name, the name of the class teacher, and the number of box tops in the bag. This will help us very, very much!
Please encourage your neighbors, your co-workers, and the student’s grandparents to save these box tops for us instead of just throwing them away! We are counting on you to help with school projects and wish lists that help us provide the best possible resources for our campus!
We appreciate all you do for Woodcrest!


Please click on the graphic link above if you need to let me know I have a broken link on this page.  Thank you.



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